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MSG & Lynch Mob Review

MSG, from this drummer’s point of view

 The Old:

 I fell in love with UFO’s lights out album after bringing it home from a family vacation to southern California around 1977. It was that same year I decided to play the drums, and I got my first drum set book – Realistic Rock by Carmine Appice.

 The New: (sort of)

Last week I borrowed a copy of Can’t Slow Down – Foreigners new album, (2009) from the library. It included a DVD of the band playing a tour in Europe. I couldn’t get over how great the band was, especially the drummer – Brian Tichy. This guy was impressive.

 It all came together for me last night at Club Vegas, when the Lynch mob hit the stage. I had heard from competent sources that none other than Tommy Aldridge was playing drums for Lynch Mob, but it became obvious, as they staged the gear for the band, that it wouldn’t be. Never a huge fan of Lynch Mob, I sort of half assed watched the show until I noticed the how killer the drummer was. Never good at faces I didn’t recognize him until they introduced him as none other than Brian Tichy the guy I had “discovered” for the first time just last week.   Maybe George seemed like he didn’t give a shit about our little Salt Lake club audience, but I was wacked to see his drummer play  loud and live.

Of course the next set was MSG with the classic Carmine Appice slapping the skins. My friend Jim had gone to dinner with him earlier that day and told me that he was 63 and had left both of his hearing aids at home. That mother fucker came out rocking hard. The depth and quality Carmine and the entire band brought to the stage was obvious to anyone present.  They pounded through a two hour set, and I must say that some of the old UFO hits gave me that lump in the throat and tears in the eyes you can only get when in the thralls of a nostalgic high. Also, as much as I was having a drummer’s orgasmic experience last night, I have to say the Michael Schenker more than lived up to his reputation as a guitar shredder. His tone, style and precision were beyond amazing, and I’ll try to catch him every time I get the chanced in the future. He definitely goes up in my top 5 axe slingers. 

As a side note: we opened for UFO several years ago, but Schenker was so late that I waited for an hour after our set then  went home. Last night I was told we did another opening act for UFO @ Rafters, but I have no memory of it, so I can neither confirm nor deny it. But I finally got to see him.

Sometimes I wonder why I waste my time playing local gigs for chump change in this town when the aches, pains and expense hardly seem worth it.   Sometimes over the last few years, I’ve even wondered if I still loved music – I’ve quit listening for pleasure for long periods of time. But standing there last night watching MSG play, I remembered why I got ”in” back in 77 and why I still hack away at it --   Thanks to a couple of “has been” geezers, and a new (to me),  drumming great, this “never- been” has a new musical outlook………. at least for a while.



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